Connecting speech therapy through technology

Hey everyone, my name is Jack McDermott and I’m a sophomore studying Political Science, Economics, and Entrepreneurial Leadership. I’m the Founder & CEO of a social start-up, Balbus Speech, that “helps people in speech therapy find their voice through social media and web/mobile technology.” What does this mean? Well, we look to innovate speech therapy through social sharing and various digital media platforms. Currently, we are developing an iOS app to help people in speech therapy find a higher level of connectivity with their speech practice. As a Compass Partners incubated venture, we also have a strong desire to create a social impact for people with speech disorders–I myself stutter and have attended therapy for over a decade. I thought I would “simulpost” an earlier blog post from–where we updated our community through journalistic blog posts–to give everyone an insight into our connection with EMPOWER…enjoy and keep up the incredible work!

“Balbus Speech has been accepted into the Tufts University EMPOWER Program for Social Entrepreneurship. Launching at the Clinton Global Initiative in 2007, EMPOWER is a leader in student-driven entrepreneurial initiatives. The program, which is hosted by the Tufts Institute for Global Leadership, offers grants and internships for students at Tufts University in order to develop the attitudes, skills and knowledge necessary to pursue entrepreneurial ventures with a social perspective.

“I think Balbus Speech is a great fit for the EMPOWER program,” Jack McDermott, Founder & CEO of Balbus Speech noted. “It is an honor in itself to be considered alongside the other fellows, some of whom are leading energy and poverty initiatives in Africa or working in global development in India. It’s great because, at Balbus Speech, we are thoroughly focused on creating a similar social impact in the speech therapy community.”

According to its website, the EMPOWER Program for Social Entrepreneurship “educates, mentors, guides and motivates aspiring social entrepreneurs. Empower is a program for Tufts University undergraduate and graduate students to engage in practical, experiential learning for social entrepreneurship. Through the Empower Fellowship , our students can create social ventures, participate in internships and engage in applied research projects of their own design.”

“Above all, I’m just excited for being a part of promoting student entrepreneurship with a social element,” McDermott continued. “I truly believe that social entrepreneurship is a meaningful way to realize social change; so I look forward to seeing how Balbus Speech can benefit through the EMPOWER Program.””

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